Our 10 favorite tech startups from Web Summit 2018

Feb 27 2019
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Valentina Biciuc
Marketing Specialist

Was Web Summit great? Absolutely! Are we going back next year? You bet! Do we feel more tired or excited after the conference? Still not sure. In short, it was a mixture of everything with a 360 degree spin around the latest trends from the tech industry. It was a party where everyone was invited: investors, tech startups, speakers, entrepreneurs, robots and human geeks.


Top Tech startups in tech industry attractive for investors, entrepreneurs, VCs and WOlfpack Digital at Web Summit


Our attention was specifically captivated by all the tech startups we got to see at the conference. One way to realize what a huge part of our life technology is occupying is by looking at all the industries represented at Web Summit: MedTech & Pharma, eCommerce, AI, and Machine Learning, Sports, fitness & wellness, Travel & hospitality, Fintech, Autotech.

(You name it, they got it).

Choosing our favorite tech startups from Web Summit was just like asking a parent to choose a favorite child. You can’t really do this, because you love them identically, but you can pick the one who eats all his vegetables or looks less like your spouse.

I’m sure there were many more great tech startups, but from the ones we’ve managed to visit, these are the coolest.


Our Top 10 Favorite Tech Startups


1.   Spotin - eCommerce & retail platform

Country: Sweden; 

Founders: Kristoffer Karlsson


Spotin tech startup is an ecommerce and retail platform from Sweden founder Kristoffer Karlsson spotted by Wolfpack Digital


Spotin is a distributed sales and digital marketing platform that seamlessly connects online product exposure and sales directly from brands.

Just look at this piece of art. Their design can easily be framed and exhibited in a modern art museum. It’s breathtaking and it gives that frictionless experience the user nowadays craves so much. Catchy colors multiplied by all the actions going on the page and you are officially in love with Spotin. Just like we are.


2.   Hyp3r - the smartest way to hire top freelancers

Country: US;

Co-founders: Rafael Platas and Stefano Pascale, Ricardo Chan.


Hyp3r tech startup at Web Summit spotted by Wolfpack Digital is a platform from US with co-founders Rafael Platas and RIcardo Chan


This is a platform that promises to change the way you look for freelancers, and freelancers fond jobs. In a very early stage at the moment, but with a <bug> promise — good luck guys!


3.   Optimicdn — All-in-One Multi CDN service

Country: UK

Co-founders: Olivier PERRIN and Ruben Scetbon


Optimicdn tech startup from UK is an multi CDN service spotted by Wolfpack Digital at Web Summit offering better rank by Google


OptimiCDN provides businesses with scalable, reliable, secure and performant tailor-made solutions to accompany projects.

The coolest thing about OptimiCDN is that it makes your page faster for google crawlers, so you might get a better rank by Google. We’re definitely trying this one out!


4.   Table 4 one — a business networking app

Country: Ireland

Founder: Ciaran Haughey


Table 4 one tech startup is a business networking app from Ireland spotted by Wolfpack Digital at Web Summit


Table 4 one is a great tool for networking when doing business travels. So, next time when you are abroad and want to share the meal with like-minded people you might want to make a Table 4 one (or more) reservation.

Not a dating app they say, let’s see where this goes.


5.   Pet’s company — a technology-based creative firm for pet lovers

Country: France 

Founders: Youssef El Kadhi and Flore Gigot


Pet’s company is a tech startup for pet lovers from France spotted by Wolfpack Digital at Web Summit


Pet’s company is a cute startup from Bordeaux, France that makes sure our furry little friends are in good company while we’re traveling. So, next year when you decide it’s time to pack your bags for Web Summit, don’t forget to make sure your pet has some company.


6.   +Aweacademy - a future-focussed educational organization

Country: Canada 

Founder: Raya Bidshahri


Aweacademy tech startup and educational organization from Canada spotted by WOlfpack Digital at Web Summit


Awecademy exhibited as a Beta Startup at Web Summit and it is disrupting traditional high school curricula and inspiring students to bring about civilization-level change. It brings a new way of futuristic learning through which our generation is preparing itself to embrace the change and all the disruptive technologies. It’s a good way to keep pace with the fast-changing world around us and prepare for a future full of innovations.

The currently available courses at +Aweacademy


7.   Calm — a meditation and mindfulness app

Country: USA

Founder: Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith


Calm tech startup and meditation tool founded by Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith and spotted by Wolfpack Digital at Web Summit


They offer guided meditation to help you manage anxiety, lower stress and sleep better. Besides the great app, Calm can be considered more of a lifestyle. We have found this book in a local bookshop in Bucharest. No more words needed. Just calm your mind and change the world, not only yours but also the ones’ who surround you.

Plowing through piles of books and finding calmness at the bottom.


8.   Timeshifter Inc — an app which helps you get through jetlag

Country: USA

Co-founders: Tony Hanna, Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Jacob Ravn


Timeshifter tech startup and jet leg tool for CEOs and elite athletes spotted by Wolfpack Digital at Web Summit


Timeshifter is the most advanced jet lag tool (in the world). It’s based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience and is used by astronauts, elite athletes, and top CEOs to perform at their very best.

Picture Taken from the Timeshifter's WebSite.


9.   Apiax — a RegTech startup

Country: Switzerland

Founders: Nicolas Blanchard and Philip Schoch


Aplex tech startup and regtech startup from Switzerland for financial regulations spotted by Wolfpack Digital at Web Summit


Apiax transforms complex financial regulations into machine-readable compliance rules that are kept up-to-date and verified.

Source: Apiax Twitter

The Apiax app allows client advisors to answer complex regulatory questions right on their devices and empowers them to stay confident and productive in even the most complicated client interactions.


10.   Coin Bundle — crypto investment platform

Country: USA

Founders: Saad Rizvi, Max Loginov and Alex Iakovlev


Coin Bundle tech startup and crypto investment platform backed by Y Combinator, spotted by Wolfpack Digital at Web Summit


We’re not another typical boring crypto project.

Coinbundle is a crypto investment platform where traders can buy a bundle of coins with a single click. They have been backed by Y Combinator and Initialized Capital.

The company provides a wealth of educational resources for first-time investors, its Medium Blog being listed as one of the ‘Top CryptoCurrency blogs’ in the world. CoinBundle is backed by top Silicon Valley VCs and investors such as Y Combinator, Initialized Capital, Tuesday Capital, Switch VC, Liquid2 Ventures, FundersClub, and Amino Capital.


11.   Codacy — an automated code analysis/quality tool

Industry: Tech, Educational

Founders: Jaime Jorge and João Caxaria

Codacy helps you see if your projects are up to coding standards and which ones need the most attention. What's more, you can track your quality evolution with alerts on the most problematic areas. This is a startup who grew up on EQT Ventures eyes — the lead investor in the A round, along with Faber, Caixa Capital, and Seedcamp.


If we were to choose, we would have loved to collaborate with all of them. These are the 11 tech startups that stood up from the rest through some details or truly ingenious ideas. Busted! You are right. We just couldn't limit ourselves, so we mentioned one more. This is what happens when we are dealing with startups. 10 becomes 11 and mere ideas become products.

Get the entire picture of our Web Summit experience and read our two articles with highlights from Web Summit Day 1, and Web Summit Day 2.


Codacy tech startup and code analysis tool spotted by WOlfpack Digital at Web Summit and guided by EQT Ventures


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