Leading the pack: Wolfpack Digital is a top web developer

Jul 19 2018
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From ideation to publication, for companies goliath and tiny--that’s how we operate at Wolfpack Digital as a top web developer according to Clutch. We measure success in client satisfaction. And with our top-notch clients, surpassing their expectations requires some fairly exceptional work. To get a better sense of our clients, we are always on the prowl for ways to measure our output. 

The premiere ratings and review agency, Clutch, is a storied and prestigious firm that provides unbiased rankings and information about B2B companies like Wolfpack Digital. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch compiles objective quantitative data, analyst interviews with clients, and exacting case studies. They paint clear pictures of numerous companies in several sectors. In total, the firm makes business transactions more transparent and efficient.


Leading the Pack as the Top Web Developer

Based on the aforementioned criterion, we gained a spot as a Romanian top web developer. Moreover, we have been featured as one of the top 50 B2B providers in Romania. We feel indebted to our clients who gave candid and congratulatory feedback to the team over at Clutch. Thanks to their feedback, The Manifest – Clutch’s sister website that helps guide buyers through every stage of the buyer journey – has listed Wolfpack Digital as one of the top web development companies in Romania.

Ben Sweeney, Director of Product Development at The Bosco, praised Wolfpack’s ability to work without direction.


“Their ability to understand our objectives and work as though they are a part of the team has always been the best selling point. Many developers, particularly third parties, require intensive instructions in order to get good work done, but that's never been the case with Wolfpack.”


Valentin Trif, Co-founder of Sweed, explained a typical experience working with Wolfpack.

“We really felt like Wolfpack was part of the team during the year that we worked together. We admire the way they engage themselves in every project, and go above and beyond to make sure the app is successful and delivered on time.”


For some time now, we have been delivering high-quality products for clients in all shapes and sizes (and locations). And our diverse range of clientele gives us an excellent experience-set. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges the future affords. Now, with additional client feedback from Clutch, we will be able to further understand and serve our partners.


Additional thanks go to our CEO, Georgina Lupu Florian, for leading the pack to success!


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