What is the difference between a Proof of Concept (PoC) and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Feb 2 2021
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Chief Marketing Officer

The difference between a PoC and an MVP is that a PoC is created to test & confirm the feasibility of one functionality that will be integrated into a product, while the MVP is an actual product that can be used by customers, but with very limited functionality.

What is a PoC and when should you build one?

Say you have a business idea, and you want to test it first before you start to pour hours of work, budget, and any other resources, right? 

You have 2 options: build a proof a concept (PoC) or a prototype! 

  • You should definitely go for the PoC when you need to know if the technology you want is feasible (e.g., an algorithm, hardware piece, a specific functionality, etc). This helps you and your team to fully understand the size of the app and the needed resources, the scalability, feasibility, and a great way to explore emerging technologies.
  • The prototype is recommended for user testing - to see if users approve the interface, the experience, the flows, design, etc. A good example of how a prototype looks like would be by going to Flexidrive's page we have here and scroll down to get the feel of the app. You will see that you can easily play around with a clickable interactive prototype and navigate from screen to screen.

To give you an example, we first started with a Proof of Concept for our internal product called Raindrops.
Basically, we wanted to test if we can connect to the watering device, see the plants' status and the level of water left in the "tank", so we can easily update their watering schedule from an app. Once we had a proof of concept for the hardware component and we found the right tech to do it, we started to work on the MVP app for iOS and Android! 



What is an MVP and when should you build it? 

The MVP is an actual product you launch on the market for the customers to use, but it has limited functionalities to interact with.

We recommend building an MVP after you already know your audience, their needs and you want to launch a teaser for what is to come. And once launched, you just gather as much data and feedback as possible and top-up the MVP with needed features and functionalities. Also, we already wrote about the steps to build your MVP here.

Now, if you are still not sure if you need a prototype, proof of concept, or MVP, just drop us a line in the chat, and let's talk! Once we know your goals we can help you build a product strategy and develop the right digital product to meet your needs! 


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