6 takeaways in 6 years of Wolfpack Digital

Jan 26 2021
2 min
Chief Marketing Officer

Our journey started in early 2015, when our founder, Gina, decided to start Wolfpack Digital in Cluj-Napoca after returning from London, UK, where she had studied Engineering with Business Management and worked as a Lead iOS developer. 

The company’s name stems from her surname, Lupu, which means “Wolf”.

So, we decided to ask Georgina Lupu what are her 6 takeaways after 6 years of leading Wolfpack Digital, and here is her advice!


🚀 Set a mission. 

Having a mission for yourself and for the company is key to growth. Our mission back then was to work with inspiring and daring entrepreneurs. We aimed to bring innovative ideas to life as successful web and mobile products while creating an amazing working environment and bringing together exceptional and talented local professionals.

☀ Prioritize keeping your mental health in good shape, as you are in for a marathon, not a sprint.

🙌 Work with diverse teams! 

It may seem difficult, but it’s totally worth it, as the results are much better. And when you recruit, watch out for the right attitude, not just for the technical skills. Add some kindness to the cocktail. 

🦉 Be patient and persevering, results will come, sometimes much later than expected. Measuring results is great, but experimenting is valuable too. 

🐝 Have a healthy-growth mindset

The team company almost doubled in size each year since the beginning and we are now almost 60 people altogether. Sustainability (e.g. multiple pillars and revenue streams) is essential to build a strong foundation for growth.

📚 See every experience as a lesson! 

Although some experiences may sting like failures, choose to see them as valuable lessons and see how learnings can be extracted from them so as to evolve. Celebrate success too, and do not underestimate the importance of luck/the context.


🙏 We want to thank each and every one of our team members and partners for being part of this journey! Everyone helped us grow, improve and become the company we are today!


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