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Innovation, Fun & Learning at Techsylvania, the Wolfpack Digital Way

Nov 17 2021
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Marketing Specialist

It's been a busy fall for us and one of the most engaging and fulfilling experiences of the season has been the eighth edition of Techsylvania! It’s the fourth year in a row that we show our support as Silver Partners and we don’t plan on stopping.

Since the main event was held online, while the general setting was a hybrid one, we set up a virtual booth for the main event. Still, we never miss a chance to use our backyard to its full potential. So, we also held an on-site satellite event at our office — a wine evening for mobile app enthusiasts, but more on that in a moment.


Two days of innovation and inspiration 🧠

While Techsylvania has always been an integral part of the Cluj tech scene, moving online meant that we could easily connect with bright minds from around the world. And that’s just what we did.

Although the subjects ranged from digitalization to AI, to scaling a startup and NFTs, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention at least a few of the presentations that captured our attention:

  • Moving Fast at Scale, by Randy Shoup, VP of Engineering and Chief Architect at eBay

  • Another Romanian Founded SaaS Company on the Way to Unicorn Status, by Alina Vandenberghe, co-founder and CXO at Chili Piper

  • Breaking Old Workforce Norms in this New Normal, by Andres Angelani, CEO at Cognizant Softvision

  • Computational Intelligence and Artifacts from the Future, by Stephen Wolfram, Founder & CEO at Wolfram Research

Of course, there were plenty of other excellent talks and presentations with people from well-known companies like Google, Stackoverflow, DocuSign, Hootsuite, Mozilla, Mastercard, and many more.

We weren’t idle through all this either! Gina and Corina, our CEO and CMO respectively, attended a few networking events. In the meantime, our team crewed the Wolfpack Digital booth, talking with plenty of amazing people, and offering virtual tours at the office. Or, if no one was by the computer, you’d be greeted by this 👇 video, which we think came out really great:

It’s too bad that we couldn’t have all this in person. Still, it’s been a unique experience and a great lesson on how conferences and networking might evolve in the future.


Wine Evening for Mobile App Enthusiasts: Fintech, Health & Beauty | a Techsylvania satellite event 🍷📱

With the storm of digitalization and innovation happening in the Fintech, Health, and Beauty industries, we had to do our part. And what better way than to share our expertise and have an insightful chat, all over a few glasses of good wine? And a few snacks, of course.

Our wonderful wolves, Dan, head of Mobile Development, and Bianca, senior iOS developer, held the presentation and talked about:

1. How the industries are changing and what impact that has on our everyday lives:

  • The rise in demand for health apps that can monitor symptoms, get in touch with doctors, or facilitate participation in clinical trials

  • The evolution of fintech to include new features like stock investment, savings plans, private pensions, and cryptocurrency

  • The introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality as valuable tools for beauty apps

2. The particulars of developing health, fintech, and beauty apps:

  • The challenges of data security and anonymity when dealing with health records

  • The need for KYC processes that ensure only the correct users have access to the financial data fintech apps use

  • The key factors to good connectivity between beauty apps and specialized devices, either used by customers or trained professionals

3. How Wolfpack Digital tackles the unique challenges that each vertical presents:

  • Ensuring that our health tech projects comply with all necessary regulations, such as HIPAA

  • Seamlessly merging fintech solutions into a single comprehensive app, as we did for Ikigai

  • Using AR functionalities to track facial features and perform custom modifications to the eyes, lips, or just about any other aspect

All in all, it was a lot of fun and we were very happy to see such a high attendance. The event’s success shows us that many are looking towards the financial, health, and beauty industries and expecting great things in terms of tech, digitalization, and mobile apps.


Teaching and inspiring others is an everyday event ✨

While Techsylvania comes around only once a year, we’re committed to continuously sharing ideas and expertise with all our teammates, partners, and the (local) tech community in general.

So, expect more awesome events and insightful articles from us in the future. And if you have a burning question about app development right now, drop us a line, and let’s start a conversation! Awooo!

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