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Wolfpack Digital Hits the Clutch Top B2B Leaders of Eastern Europe 2019. What For?

Nov 1 · 4 min read

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As good predators, at Wolfpack Digital we simply love awards! Once we “byte” into it, it’s unlikely we will ever let it go.

With 2.8 billion apps on the App Store and 2.2 billion on the Google Play Store, there is an exponentially growing challenge for business owners to outrun their competition in the digital world. Fierce as we are, we’ve got you covered.

As you can see, our mindset and working method of building scalable apps have passed the test of time. Same as in 2018, this year again we want to share with you the sweet taste of reaching #3 in the Top B2B Service Providers of Romania in 2019, as announced by Clutch. 

Clutch 2019 Top app development companies to build your web and mobile app, Wolfpack Digital

This time the rankings are higher, and the glory is sweeter because we are also rocking as #1 in the Top Web Developers of Romania in 2019. We promise to build not only powerful web, but powerful mobile apps too. And so we do! Otherwise, we wouldn’t be ranked as #4 in the Top Mobile Developers of Romania in 2019.

Clutch is a B2B rating and review platform that disrupts the agencies market. Clutch experts investigate aspects such as projects delivered, market presence, client reviews, and technical capabilities. It’s not easy being under the lense, we would say.


What stays behind these shiny titles?

Glorious and mighty, the Top B2B Leaders title is made out of 3 words, 13 letters that, in fact, mean nothing if backed up with proofs. Here are 3 essential elements of our successful partnerships that brought us here.


1. Partnership mindset and an exclusive app development process

Having a multidisciplinary background, our CEO built a company that goes beyond building digital products that ... work. We aim to be your strategic partner in scaling your business digitally. The app idea and/or defining the core problem is on you. We take the responsibility of crafting a responsive app with an eye-catching design that fits user needs and stands the test of time. 

We start with business strategy definition and adjustments. Then we check the market fit and sketch wireframes having a real user in mind. Going on with a smart design, we reach the development stage. The product, your product, is tested from all the angles, so future users can have a flawless experience. After celebrating the app launch, we still got your back with fixing unexpected issues and setting new updates.

Web and mobile app development process to build top-notch digital product with top technologies Wolfpack Digital


2. The business owner we have synergy with

You can call us vampires, and we might be (born and raised in Romania, Dracula's motherland), but we get the energy from the business owner we work with. Even more, we double it. Are you a business owner ready to rock the industry with your idea? Then we are 200% ready to rock by your side. 

We would like to share this Top B2B Leaders title, this sweet piece of success, with all the clients we partnered with so far. No matter the industry (fintech, healthcare, retail, recruitment, real estate, mindfulness etc.) or country (US, Germany, UK, Denmark, Romania, France etc.) we together, Wolfpack Digital and Business Owners, help each other to walk the extra mile in building powerful web and mobile apps.

Flaviu Simihaian, CEO Amlicare, Wolfpack Digital client, client testimonial about our web and mobile app development services



3. Best app developers with excellent communication skills

App developers architect and code an (almost) bugless app. App developers at Wolfpack Digital are a multidisciplinary pack of 50 experts. Start-to-end app development is a process that requires knowledge from areas such as coding, strategic planning, business analysis, management, UI/UX, graphic design, testing, marketing, SEO etc. Our best app developers include professionals in all these domains. 

Another thing we have in common is excellent communication skills. We know how to translate from IT to business language and back. This way, we make the latest technologies work for any industry and the business owner to be always part of the process. 

Follow the faces, would you make the team with them?


⏯  Meet the Pack


Make our success yours! How does that happen? We are willing to share our skills by transforming your idea into a stunning app. Drop us a line.

Let's get this partnership rolling and hitting the Top listings of 2020. 🤘🐺


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